Alarms Smarter Systems…Qolsys

All-in-one wireless home security system

Upgrade your home to a whole new level with the new Qolsys smart alarm system. 

Qolsys, aka Quality of Life Systems, offers a revolutionary approach to home security and automation. With its stylish design, advanced features, and seamless integration into everyday life, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in your connected space.

Smart Home Automation 

Qolsys smart alarm systems are revolutionising home automation. Through the Qolsys app or via a simple voice command, you can have complete control of your homes’ lights, thermostats, locks, and cameras from anywhere in the world. With built in AI technology, you can also customise your settings to match your lifestyle perfectly, for example, automating system arming/disarming and setting specific times for appliances turning off and on.

Visonic Powermaster Integration 

Upgrading your old Visonic alarm system is now easier and more affordable than ever before with the help of Qolsys. With their new video doorbells, cameras, and a wide range of other smart home devices such as Z-Wave smart plugs, Qolsys smart alarm systems can integrate Visonic Powermaster security sensors with your existing alarm. This integration makes it possible to easily upgrade your security system while keeping costs low.

User Friendly Interface

The intuitive interface of Qolsys smart alarm systems puts all the power in your hands. With a 7” HD touchscreen, smartphone app, tablet app, smartwatch compatibility and Alexa or Siri integration, you can arm/disarm the system and adjust settings from virtually anywhere with just a few taps. 

Future-Proof Cloud Technology

The Qolsys smart alarm is a completely future-proof security system. It uses Alarm.Com’s latest cloud services technology, allowing you to stay connected with your smart alarm even when an internet connection is not available. Thanks to the two-path communication through both WiFi and SIM card, you can always monitor and protect your home or business from any location.

Extended Features

The Qolsys IQ panel provides a wealth of features that make it a smart choice for your home security needs. The 7” HD touchscreen makes it easy to use, while the built-in 5MP camera allows you to keep a clear eye on your property. You will not have to worry about signal interference because the panel is equipped with Visonic’s 2-way encryption and automatic signal adjustment, providing a reliable connection with extended battery life. With Qolsys, your signals will remain secure and will not be disrupted by any other wireless devices in the area. 

Crystal Clear Resolution

The 5 Mp camera from the Qolsys app provides the ultimate security for your home. It captures crystal clear disarm photos, records detailed and reliable alarm videos, and allows you to check in from the convenience of your smartphone. The app will instantly notify you on any emergencies or important events, so you will never miss a thing. 

With all these features combined, you can easily monitor activities inside and outside your home from wherever you may be. This state-of-the-art system keeps your property secure round the clock, guaranteeing protection against intruders or potential dangers. 

Invest in your home security and peace of mind with a Qolsys smart alarm system and start enjoying the benefits of home automation.